Grandparents, community members and organizations can’t be left out of this conversation. You play a key role in advocating for and meeting the needs of African-American women, babies, and families. Our community is critical in working to end barriers such as unequal access to care and the delivery of culturally responsive services. San Diego needs you to lead the charge and help combat systemic racism. Together, we can protect tomorrow’s Black Legacy.

  • Get a brief overview of the facts on health inequities and their causes for African-American women and babies in San Diego.
  • Learn more about the Perinatal Equity Initiative in San Diego and how to get involved.

  • Learn about the rights Black women, and their partners, have to respectful care during their pregnancy and birth experience. Read our Know Your Rights document.

  • Resources and information are critical to building education on how the role of systemic racism contributes to poor birth outcomes such as low birthweight, premature birth, and both infant and maternal deaths for African Americans. Get informed and share with others to further raise awareness and inspire action.
  • Share information about services such as the Black Infant Health Program with expecting, and current moms, to get them connected with resources and care.

How to Support Expecting Moms and Dads

Be part of the solution of improving the health and legacy of the African-American community in San Diego County by:

Become an Ambassador

Become an ambassador for racial equity and work to raise awareness and advocate for the changes needed for African-American women and families to have the best birth outcomes.

Join the San Diego Perinatal Equity Initiative’s Community Advisory Board (CAB) and join a network of allies working to promote equity. Learn how to get involved by visiting the Connect page.

Share San Diego’s Black Legacy Now campaign on social media and use your voice to raise awareness on the issue with others.

Print San Diego’s Black Legacy Now posters and place them across organizations in your community to raise awareness on this campaign.

Share articles and readings in your community, and consider hosting viewing events and discussions of documentaries, such as Unnatural Causes, with your network.

Use the following important dates to spread awareness about Black maternal and infant health inequities through social media, community events, and other activities.

National Minority Health Month (April)
Black Maternal Health Week (April 11-17)
Black Breastfeeding Week (August 25-31)
National Infant Mortality Awareness Month (September)
Prematurity Awareness Month (November)
World Prematurity Awareness Day (November 17)

Learn More About The Issue